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TEPE EV Farm is located on a hill 80 meters above Hızırşah village on the Datça peninsula.

A small scale organic farm with a variety of vegetable gardens, olive trees, vineyards and chickens.The surrounding area is typical wild mediterranean nature with stunning views overlooking  the Aegean Sea to the North as well as the Mediterranean  to the East.


Since 2009 I am living here with the aim to create a self sustainable life style. The place is ideal for all kind of  workshop groups, projects to develop skills such as consciousness,health and happiness. Guests are also welcome to stay here to relax  in a peaceful environment.


Fifteen years ago  a severe forest fire  destroyed all the surrounding trees and bush. I collected uprooted olive trees and successfully replanted them.Every year in October about three tons of olives are harvested and partly cold pressed for olive oil .

Other plants such as almond ,walnut ,moringa and fruit trees, berries, capari and lavender bush and 400 local grape vines were planted within these past years.

In summer  fruits are eaten or dried or processed to vinegar and molasses for the winter time. Inour various gardens organic seasonal vegetables and greens are growing without using any pesticides or industrial fertilizers.

Permaculture is applied to improve and produce fertile soil as well as to reduce water consumption that is needed for growing the plants as we try to develop a biodynamic environment and improve self sustainability.

A variety of wildlife is found in the surrounding area, small birds, eagles and buzzards as well as wild boar and fox, Lizards, snakes, turtles and insects all interact in their natural habitat as they are not disturbed with any pesticides, soaps and other chemicals which could harm the environment. On the property there is a natural water spring which provides clean water for drinking and the growth of the farm.


About Us
    Tepe Ev Farm is located on a hill 80 meters above Hızırşah village on the Datça peninsula. Guests are also welcome to stay here to relax in a peaceful environment. For a comfortable holiday, book now!
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