The summer season starts from May through September. Average heat 30 C.

October and November months are still warm and swimming is possible.

From December until March the average temperature is 14 C but can warm up to 20 C during the day or cool down to 2 C for a short time.

Rain showers can last up to one week with continuous rain especially in December, January and February.

In February spring season starts with the Almond trees blossoming and wild flowers covering the landscape with all colors.

Datça peninsula is also a very windy area throughout the year and therefor it is a very popular spot for   sailing, surfing and kite.

There are some facilities near by offering safe instruction courses and rentals.

Datça is famous for its almond flowers, and the province in which it is located, Muğla, offers unforgettable vacation opportunities to domestic and foreign guests thanks to its tourism diversity, cultural assets and magnificent nature.

Datça is one of the many havens in the province, which contribute to the region’s tourism with its sea, sand and sun, as well as traces of different civilizations. The Datça Peninsula welcomes visitors with its white almond flowers.

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