The two story main building has eight bedrooms  with two single beds and  private bathroom.

Two living rooms,each of  35 sq m ,one  with a fireplace.

Two living rooms  each of 15 sq m with sofa beds.

An open kitchen with dining area where a team of two people prepare breakfast and meals for our guests.

We use as much as possible our own organic vegetables and greens .

Breakfast and individual meals are served buffet style.

There are many  partly shaded  terraces  around the building  with places to sit or lie down.

 Two  long dining tables seating  up to 16 people each,  one placed on the south and the other on the north side of the building.

Additionally there is another 50 sq m building for the workshops, yoga courses or for guests to enjoy their hobbies such as playing instruments, drawing or painting.

We have internet  wifi and a television with Astra satellite programs.

Electricity is 220 V and is self produced with our hybrid Solar and wind facility with a cap of 0,5KWH up to 10 KWH and accumulator group of 48 KW. 

Hot water cap is 300 liters. providing up to three showers simultaneously without loosing water pressure.

For cooking we use liquid gas and electricity.

Some rooms have ventilators, first  floor rooms on the northern side are naturally cool during summer months.



Room Dharana


Room Dhayana


Room Dyana


Room Niyama


Room Pranayama


Room Pratyahara


Room Samadhi

About Us
    Tepe Ev Farm is located on a hill 80 meters above Hızırşah village on the Datça peninsula. Guests are also welcome to stay here to relax in a peaceful environment. For a comfortable holiday, book now!
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